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We operate with the purpose of growing a profitable real estate portfolio, with value-add opportunities, that could produce strong cash flows and impressive gains on the eventual sales.

Autumn Sunrise Apartments

Location Corpus Christi, Texas
# of Units 142
Average Cash Flow 8%
Projected Average Annual Returns +19%

North Carolina Self Storage

Location Asheville & Charlotte, NC
# of Units 1472
Average Cash Flow 5%
Projected Average Annual Returns +16%

Park at Calabria Apartments

Location Greenville, NC
# of Units 281
Average Cash Flow 5%
Projected Average Annual Returns +18%

Property Spotlight

Groundbreaking Real Estate is excited to bring you the Autumn Sunrise Apartments investment opportunity. 

This property is located in the Southside area of Chorpus Christi, which is a well-established downtown area near the seaport. It is positioned near major roads and highways, with short drives to universities, airport, and military bases in the area. It is also walkable to many big box stores and restaurants. 

Key Highlights of this property:

  • Property already acquired in December 2022 and appraised As-Is for $945k more than the purchase price!
  • 5.35% Fixed Rate long-term debt provides stability and flexibility throughout the project.
  • Investor returns are expected to reach 8% in Year 1 as the property is 98% occupied.
  • Rents significantly below market by $150 – $230/unit
  • Insurance in-lace, meeting Fannie Mae requirements, against wind and storm (not in flood zone)


Average Cash Flow from Operations


Projected Average Annual Returns


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