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We understand that you are a busy professional and want your wealth to grow passively. That is why Craig and the Groundbreaking team are dedicated to growing your profitable real estate portfolio, with value-add opportunities, that could produce strong cash flows and impressive gains on the eventual sales. Our experienced team manages the project on your behalf so that you can participate in the returns and benefits with no additional effort.
Groundbreaking has acquired $260 million in assets across 16 properties focused in the United States. As well as, Craig personally acquired and managed $6 million in real estate properties, housing 35+ tenants.


Gain insights into the investment opportunities available, as well as understand your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. We want to assist you to reap the benefits of owning real estate passively without the stress. Overall, we can determine what opportunities may be a good fit for your investment needs. Passive Real Estate growth can begin with a simple conversation.

I am an accredited investor.
An Accredited Investor is someone who has at least $200k of income over the last two years ($300k including spouse), OR net worth of $1M not including the primary residence.
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“Craig is incredible at finding value in properties and people. He knows what makes a quality investment and how to maintain it. We met in 2015, and he’s positive, honest, and consistent. I highly recommend (Groundbreaking Real Estate).”

Ken W.

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